Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Get It

Lately I've been blogging less and when I do get around to it, writing is only a small topic because, well, I'm not doing any at the moment.

I get that most (if not all) of you are not interested in my sporting prowess. Understandable.

I get that most of you couldn't give a toss that I've been reading. I understand that. All you really want to know is whether or not your story has been short listed for Dark Pages Volume 1. I get that. I do.

We have begun our first heat wave of the season here (bear with me, there is relevance). Yesterday was well over 35C and today is forecast 38C. Wednesday through Friday is forecast to be 39C with a cool change blowing in for Saturday with a freezing cold 34C. A heatwave around here is anything forecast at 35C and up. Normally we don't see these extended periods of super hot temperatures until January/February.

Thing is, I've been struggling with pain in my joints, particularly my knees, during the colder months. Now it's hot, I don't get as much pain. That is - not as much pain...so it's still there and sometimes it's just as bad, but most of the time it's better. Unfortunately, during all this reduced pain, my family is suffering in the intense heat. A grumpy family can make for less comfort than painful knees (still with me...nearly there).

So what is better? Pain in the joints and a happy family, or less pain for me but more discomfort for everyone else?

Depends on the point of view you're looking at it from and what your priorities are (see where I'm going yet?).

You send out a story you've worked long and hard on to a very cool new anthology market being edited by this seriously talented first time editor (or you send it to me) - and then you hear nothing back for ages, or, worse, you get back a rejection in almost record time. In either case, you drop to your knees and plead to the pantheon of creatures both divine and sublime, and wish for a response to your submission/for an editor to take longer and saviour the brilliance that is your work.

You surf over to the editor's blog and see requests for shorter stories or dark urban fantasy or witty black comedy set in the future, and you think, 'But that's what I sent you' - which loops back to you dropping to your knees and decrying the unfairness of those fantastical creatures sitting high on their pearl thrones because you haven't yet had a response/already received your rejection letter.

The point of all this is simple - be careful what you wish for (yes, it was going home via the cape but hey, what did you expect?).

If you want editors to be quicker in responding, you may not like what you get back. If you want editors to take more time in considering your work, then be prepared to wait.

However, there is a sure fire way to circumvent all of this! Yes, my friends, I have for you a wonderful cure-all that shall take away your ills and add strength to any failing faith you have in this craft or this industry in which we are so deeply ensconced. And it's free - well, it doesn't have to cost money - but it will cost time and effort on your part.

The solution to all you woes: write a kick arse story that addresses the criteria set out in the guidelines or direct requests as stated on the editor's blog! Do this and you will receive a very fast email stating that it is to be held over for further consideration.

Tomorrow I am in meetings all day, so I intend to get some reading done today that I didn't get to yesterday. My to-read submission pile is dwindling and all my dreams for this project has not yet been met - send more stories - blow my mind!

And finally - onto more important news:

Happy 40th Birthday, Sesame Street!


  1. *screams*

    Elmo scares the crap out of me!

  2. Nice post. I wish that I had the time to have a go at subbing a slick story to the first-time editor in question. My dance card is full with NaNo.

    Sorry that the aches and pains persist. What does Dr. say? I'm assuming that it's bugging you enough to have gone.

    I did not know that about Sesame Street. Sadly, I recall a time before it existed. I remember watching "The Friendly Giant" back in the '60's.

  3. I was a child of the 70's and my earliest memories are of Muppets. What a great time to be a kid.

  4. Yay Elmo!

    Actually, Elmo was after my time. Grover was my main man back when I was a little girl, him and the Cookie Monster.

    I'm sorry about your aching joints. I'm picturing you as a sort of human Tin Woodman. Maybe you forgot to oil your joints?

  5. I chose Elmo as it's also my wife's nickname - long story that she probably wouldn't appreciate me repeating here.

    Alan - I'm too afraid to go back to the doctor's as I know it will involve hospital time and a long recovery. I'm trying to put that off for as long as possible.

    Jamie - loved the Muppets - go Animal!

    KC - I was a Grouch Groupie who had a thing for a number of the female hosts on the show - yes, I began early.

    As for the Tin Man, hopefully I've got a heart but I think you're right and my joints do need something added (or replaced).

  6. I'm old school Sesame Street: Go Grover and Kermit!

    And a big shout out to Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Moose!

    Get well soon, BT's knees.