Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apex Magazine

As posted about yesterday, Jason over at Apex is floating a subscription/donation model to sustain Apex Magazine. Details are here.

I know some people have an issue with this, and that's fine (that's their prerogative), but this is my blog and it is my prerogative to post and support whatever I like. I think Apex Magazine is one of those markets we should support in keeping around - my choice. If you are like-minded then click on the link, if not - don't.

If you wish to continue the discussion on whether people should or should not, then feel free to do so in the comments section of the original post.

In other news: I was informed by Blade Red Press yesterday, that we have hit the 200 submissions mark so far for Dark Pages Volume 1. No wonder I have tired eyes, but it is generally a happy but resigned type of tiredness. I've read many good stories, but, and I know I've said this before, with so many to choose from, I can only hold onto the absolute cream. I may not be an Ellen Datlow, but I promise you I will do my absolute subjective best in putting together an outstanding inaugural edition, and I believe it would be a feather in anyone's cap to be included in the ToC. I have some well known, highly awarded authors submitting here and I've even not rejected some of them!

I don't care who you are or what you've done in the past, all stories will be judged, first and foremost, on the tale itself. Many well known writers have experience in putting together an excellent story, but many emerging writers and some first timers have that talent as well, and I will include them if the story stands up and speaks to me.

Yes, we've had a huge response so far. Yes, I'm expecting a late minute rush of submissions very close to the deadline. Tip: get your submission in now, before the rush. You don't want to be rejected because the editor has already read three stories similar to yours, or because he is grumpy from reading a dozen stories before yours and has reached the breaking point on seeing too many typos in a manuscript, or another person who hasn't followed the guidelines to the letter.

Hint: I am including multiple links to the guidelines page for a reason - read them, use them, live by them. If you're not sure how to format, go have a look at the formatting guide on Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine - it's a pretty good example of the minimum a writer should be sending to any market. Please - double space your paragraphs.

Final Tip: Your name and the title of your story should be in the header of your document. If you don't know how to do this, or are unable due to the software you are using, then, at the very least, have all the details about your story and you on the first page, i.e. place a cover page in your manuscript with the title and word count of the story, your name and contact details, and then start your story on page two.


  1. I bought Nisus Writer Pro just in time. NeoOffice turns my RTF documents to crap : P

  2. I really must do a post at some stage about the importance of using good tools to write with as too many people are attempting to make a side income, or worse, a living, at writing while spending no money on their tools.

    It will hinder your progress, particularly the higher you aim.

  3. Will it really though? Don't you just need Word and a printer and an email account? Technically, most of the time these days, you don't even need a printer!

    If writers could churn out some of the classics with nothing more than notebooks and typewriters, is it really necessary to have crazy whizzbang software?

    Incidentally, talking of whizzbang software, BT you should really organise some way of subscribing to comments on your blog. I have trouble keeping up with which posts I've commented on! :)

  4. Alan, when writers turned out the classics with notebooks and typewriters - they were the standard.

    And yes, you are correct. You only need Word and an email, but the higher you aim the more likely you are going to need a printer.

    The problem is formatting to the guidelines. Even with Word, I've seen too many subs that don't follow a basic formatting guide. I know of some that the writer has attempted to but the program they're using has cocked it up on saving.

    My point is, a writer should spend a few dollars and at least have Word to ensure at least the guidelines are followed. We have enough hurdles to jump without adding our own.

    You should be able to subscribe. There should be a check box to be notified of follow up comments on each post.