Thursday, November 19, 2009


My work stops us from being able to watch videos on YOUTUBE which is a pain in the proverbial as most people embed videos from there into their blog posts when/if they wish to embed anything at all.

The block also stops me from being able to embed YOUTUBE content into anything I post.

Enter Google Videos which work hasn't gotten around to blocking yet.

Over at Katey's blog today, she has a must read post which left me smiling and shaking my head while agreeing totally with her. It reminded me of this which I just had to remind everyone about:


  1. I think confusion is my idiom! I blame my family for the early Abbot and Costello indoctrination. God, that never gets old.

    Also, go Google video, helping people at work watch Awesome Stuff daily!

  2. My work usually allows video streaming, but I work in an open office with several other people, so I can't watch unless I'm totally alone.

    For some reason, my work computer doesn't like your blog, incidentally. It locks up every time. It's just overwhelmed by awesome, I suspect. :)

  3. What a classic *giggle*. I love the Marx Brothers too.

  4. Your work is racist against Youtube? I weep : (