Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Progress Report

I'm intending to take this blog back to its journalistic roots. I began it to keep track of my journey in the craft and slowly went a little off track or ran out of writerly things to report.
So - in the last week, I've received my contributor's copy of Night to Dawn, Issue 18, which contains my story Wamphyri, and The Blackness Within anthology, which contains Dreaming, from Apex has been launched for sale. I have nothing else scheduled for publication and I have no subs out in the market place (other than a couple I've not heard from in ages and have pretty much given up on hearing anything about).

I have also now committed to getting back onto the writing bandwagon and actually putting some words, some new words, down on paper.

To that end, last night I revised two stories, expanding and tweaking each as I saw fit. They will be submitted over the next couple of days. Both have grown by quite a few new words each. I also had the wonderful/terrible experience of not being able to sleep as a new story percolated to the surface. Tonight I will begin writing it. This is the one I need to complete by next week so I'm hoping to finish writing it over the next couple of days so a beta reader can check it out before I need to submit it mid next week.

Things are moving forward a pace...


  1. That would be welcome back...again. Hopefully this time I find a way to stick. Thanks D.

  2. No seat belts or shackles on this wagon, but glad to have you aboard.