Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween - Unfortunately I still have no time to write

My time for writing has become extremely limited over the last few weeks and will continue to get squeezed in the months ahead.

I currently have 10 pieces out in the market awaiting a response from learned editors everywhere. I have another 12 or so pieces in various states including my ebook and my novel.

I have sent 5 pieces out at the beginning of this week alone. Unfortunately I have gone from an allocated minimum of 4 hours a night to be lucky to get in 30 minutes.

If I spend that 30 minutes blogging or updating my website, then I don't write so my blogging has reduced considerably.

Part of the problem is I'm currently a single dad for all intensive purposes. I have three kids at home and work full time, although I do work from home for two out of five days. I now fully appreciate all the work my wife does in regards to running the household. I will, in future, do my utmost to share that burden. I humbly suggest all you men out there do the same, regardless of how good you currently have it. Helping out a little can only make things better for you and your significant other. Say and do the right things and who knows what rewards you'll receive ;)

Unfortunately I haven't gotten to "Confused Love" yet this week, but it is next on the agenda. All the erotica has gone out to market as well as resubmitting EULA. Tonight is one of those rare nights when I don't have a lot trying to take my writing time away from me so "Confused Love" will be at least fully edited tonight.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Erotica Week

Last night I finished editing a slew of erotica that I'm about to send out to various markets.

I also came to the conclusion that a set writers schedule isn't going to work for me. I need to work on projects each night. I set myself a goal to get something finished so I work on that until my muse runs away with blue hair flowing out behind her. A quick whistle and a change of project brings her back all refreshed and ready to go but this is rarely needed as she becomes as engrossed in whatever project I'm working on, as much as I do.

So getting my erotica pieces out was my main goal last night. I didn't get them all sent but that will be completed by this evening where I can work on editing another piece that has sat around for too long. The longest piece I have written so far - outside of my novel - is "Confused Love".

I am yet to send it out into the market place. Tonight I will do a full edit on it, in preparation for it to go out the door on Sunday night. Why not send it tonight? I will do my edit tonight as I haven't looked at it in a while so I will not be editing it with jaded eyes. I will then let it sit for another day before doing a final read through to see if I missed anything - and then send it out.

I've hit a small hitch with my ebook. I had set myself parameters which I now have to change to enable me to get the content required for the type of ebook I'm working on. To be honest, I'm not real happy about it as I will now be including content I didn't want to. I will have to ensure that my views on the content are clearly expressed or that the content is securely kept in a section for it's type. It can't look like a tacked on after thought though so it will be a difficult blend. We'll see - after I finish my shorts submissions.

My three Novella's have been sitting on the back burner for a while now too so they will be brought back into the light of day by the end of next week.

That leaves my novel. She has sat quietly for a while now. I have begun a new edit on the beginning of it but my writing time each evening is reducing and so somethings have begun to get squeezed out. "Tigers Eye" has lost out badly to my other work and my life in general. She will have to stay in the background for now, my first year as a serious writer is almost up - only a little over a month to go. I have written the story, it just needs the time to be polished. At this moment in time I am thinking it will become my major work for my diploma if I get accepted next year. That will then drive my need to work on it. I love the story I wrote, the premise behind it all. It's just the words that need rearranging, the structure in some instances. It will get done.

Well - it's turned into a long post. It wasn't meant to be but I had a bit to update, so there you go. As always - thank you for reading but now it's time to get back to your own writing and get those pieces out the door.

Good luck with your submissions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A quick link for you

Time is currently running away with me to the extent I'm struggling to find the time to write - but I have promised myself I would find time to read and so I shall.

But before I go and open a book that has waited patiently for me to give it due attention, the following link was made available to me:

Toward the bottom of this list was a remarkable find - although to be true, there are many in this collection but this was personally remarkable.

By none other than Mr Rudyard Kipling himself, is a piece titled "Tomlinson" which can be read directly from:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now off to that book I keep promising myself.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What a Weekend!

Hi all. from Friday night and my eldest having her 18th birthday party, through a hectic Saturday with sport and the flu striking at my youngest. Onto Sunday with a spring cleaning taken to the extreme - I've written exactly zip, nil, nada, nothing, zero!

In regards to my writing - its been a bad weekend but I'm at a time in my life when I look at things a little differently. Three months ago, I was writing alot. I was producing a lot of work. Most of it wasn't particularly good but with editing and rewriting, those pieces are getting better. Apart from some erotica shorts though, I haven't produced a lot of new stuff.

I have been on a short journey of self learning about myself. Four months ago, I was pretty sure who I was and part of that was to be a writer. With huge turmoil entering my private life, my drive to succeed in any area, including my writing, began to meander. It never failed, it just never maintained the fervour it had previously. With amazing insight and support from a very good friend, I have learnt a great deal about myself, truths I am still discovering now.

The good news about this is the renewed determination I have in all areas of my life - especially my writing.

This weekend has been a write-off for my words. But tomorrow is a new day (actually that would be a little later this morning will be a new day) and one I look forward to.

Keep on writing, good readers - and keep on submitting.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy 18th sweetheart

Today we celebrated my eldest reaching adulthood. 18 years old today and we had a big party to celebrate, She looked beautiful as did all her female friends. Pity the guys that turned up didn't try to dress to impress but I guess that's how it is now-a-days. Perhaps I'm just getting too old.

I am still recovering from my terrible bout of the flu and now it seems my youngest may be coming down with it. It took me a week to get over it, I hope the little doesn't have it so bad.

This post is the only writing I have managed today which is unusual for me but one day every now and then won't cause my writing to completely grind to a halt.

Still no emails in regards to my pieces that are in the market place either. I have set a goal to have two more pieces (at least) accepted before the end of the year. Nobody can get anything accepted if they don't submit so don't sit on your work. An author is not going to publish your story if it is your bottom draw gathering dust.

Good luck with your submissions. I'm beat so its time for bed.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The best part about getting sick

I have been at home all week, full of a particularly nasty flu which is continually trying to extract a lung through my throat. My nose is useless for anything other than blowing and sleep is a distant memory - not a nice picture.

But - I have plenty of time to write. I can only write in relatively short bursts as I need to nap often and I need to log into work on occasion so I'm not writing in the 6 hour blocks I normally do of an evening, but I am getting close to a dozen blacks of around an hour each in. So now I'm writing 10 hours a day or doing something to do with my writing during those times - researching, reading, editing, etc.

When I lie down to have a nap, my head is full of ideas to mull over which I launch into when I get up. Being ill shouldn't mean just wallowing in self pity and allowing your writing to grind to a halt. If anything, it gives you more time to indulge in our passion.

I hope this entry finds you full of good health and cheer but if it doesn't, then use the time to do something for yourself - write.

Good luck with your submissions.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hi all

I like to critique other writers work. I like to give them the benefit of my limited experience, my point of view. It is after all only an opinion.

If I really like the piece then my crits are very short, more often than not, if I really like it, I'll send a note saying as much and apologise for not offering a crit - why should I try to find fault with something I like - critiquing is not being a critic.

If I find work I like the premise of but has either technical or more ethereal issues, my critique can run into the thousands of words - all very diplomatically chosen although I try not to pull any punches. It's my opinion and the person I'm providing it too paid a whole $0 for it. If they don't agree or don't like it then they can disregard. If I point out things that others have then they disregard at their own peril.

Nothing annoys me more than taking the time to crit something for a stranger and then having that crit critiqued or shot down in flames or worse - being rude in response to it.

If you submit a piece for critique anywhere then you're asking for others opinions. If you don't like that opinion then say thank you for taking the time and move on. If you take the time to argue points then you will loose that person critiquing for you in the future. If you only retain those who say they like your work - you will not learn anything and you will not improve.

I also actively put my work out to crit circles and groups. I want the feedback. I want to learn. I don't always agree with the responses but I take the time to see if each comment is valid from a readers point of view. More often than not it is and i need to find another way to do things - but I refuse to restructure or loose the way I want to convey the piece because I've written it and each writer needs to have their own voice. No point in writing like someone else - just have a look at all the bad press the writer of Eragon has gotten.

Be yourself but be willing to learn. You will learn from critiquing others work too.

The only way to keep getting better at the craft is to write and keep on writing. Critiquing and gaining feedback is part of that.

Okay - I'll get off my soapbox for the moment now. But only for now :)

Good luck with your submissions.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy - but not all writing

I have read many articles on the Art of writing over the last year and most of them make the suggestion that a writer should put time aside each day to write. Whether that be 30 minutes or more, it doesn't matter as long as you allow time to write regularly.

I try to write every evening but if I was successful then I would be able to at least blog every evening but I don't. I get side tracked. More to the point, I allow myself to get side tracked.

This week has been a very surreal experience with family deaths, family birthdays (two of those) a life altering epiphany that I'm still coming to terms with, trying to continue my normal work (which currently involves a huge mega-dollar project) and my writing.

Something has to give, and with three children and a need to continue bringing in a pay packet - it tends to be my writing time. Now I find I'm up till odd hours doing some editing or writing but I get something done until later in the week when my batteries finally give up and I've exhausted all my reserves. Then I don't write at all.

I don't write as much now as I did even a month ago. That's not so much through choice. Sometimes life sucks and we have to make choices that we feel we don't want to. At least that's what I thought during the last month. Not anymore.

My life will be what I want it to be and I will be making it great. Sounds simple - not so easy to live up to that statement but I have made the decision that I am going to.

And as part of that - my writing time is now set in stone and blogging will be part of that. I will add a blog entry at least every two days. I will try for everyday but unforeseen things still happen and part of my promise to myself is to get more sleep. If something comes up - I will not be up until all hours, squeezing in some writing. I'll just write more the following day when i have more time.

Stay tuned to this space. The writing works in progress will begin to climb as will the publishing credits and the number of posts.

On checking my counter stats tonight I have found visitors from all over the world. I thank you all for your interest and hope you continue to visit.

Like me - try and make time for your writing everyday and keep those submissions rolling out.

Good luck.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I apologise for not having blogged over the last four days - my Aunt passed away after a short fight with cancer. It's obviously hit my mum fairly hard and she's needed her kids support. After all she's done for me over the years - its the least I could.

So apart from my normal stress of home and the additional strain of departing family members, I have managed to do some writing. Well over the last day or so anyway.

I have written three new erotic pieces that are currently being critiqued and will go out the door very soon.

I continue work on my ebook - long hours of research but it'll be worth it.

The new website has been put on hold due to outside influences but it will happen.

I have begun another edit of my novel - version 5 now! I was going to enter the first 5000 words into a competition as I thought I was happy with them (I was half way through the novel on edit 4). When I went back and read it again, I'd found I'd learnt a lot more as a writer and immediately began another edit. It's a long way from seeing the light of day but it will one day.

There is only so much polishing a writer can do before a gem turns to sand and slips through your fingers.

I like that - it sounds almost profound :)

Well I'm heading back to continue writing and editing, I respectfully suggest you do the same.

Keep those submissions flying!

Friday, October 5, 2007

More Ins and Outs

System Failure failed to make the final cut in its submitted for competition. Shame but not the end of the world. It has had the slightest of tweaks done to it and gone straight back out to another market.

I'm working hard on my new e-book. I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of the month. I'm also working hard on creating a second income through providing magazine fillers. I am busy creating, cataloguing and preparing a huge store of fillers so I can begin submitting them to the multitude of magazines out there.

A friend is also preparing an ebook for sale which will reveal more of these secret markets. Keep you eyes and ears open and watching this space - I'll let you all know when it's available and where you can get it from. These little markets can be a great side income while you wait for that big publishing contract.

Good luck with your submissions

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New things on the horizon

Hi all.

Today, and for the next few months, is a time of turmoil and change in my life. Lots of different things happening around my personal life which will have profound impacts on me in the months and years ahead but until they're resolved (sometime before Christmas - I hope) I won't comment further on them.

My good friend and crit buddy has mentioned an exceptional deal for me to get a new site and domain - this is still in the negotiation phase but watch this space - Aussie musings will be getting bigger and better.

I have also had an offer to work on a new e-book. I had an idea which seemed a normal extension of something I was already playing with. On mentioning this to an editor friend, they have kindly offered to show me the ropes self publishing and promoting an e-book. Exciting to say the least.

So - apart from my writing, waiting anxiously on acceptance into my course, learning HTML, learning about e-books and self publishing and continuing to ride the current, constant downward spiral of my home life - life is pretty normal :)

I have resubmitted EULA to a new market and continue to work on improving my other shorts. I have finally made a writing timetable to better allocate my time - especially seeing how everything is requiring more time now.

Well - that's it from me for now - back to work.

Good luck with your submissions