Monday, September 13, 2010

Progress Report V1.3

I managed zero words over the weekend :c(

Did I have opportunity? A couple but they were for small amounts of time to sit at the keyboard and I don't work well in snippets.

So I spent the weekend, while doing other things, thinking about how to move the story forward and the central question of why this was all happening in the first place. (Check out Alexandra Sokoloff's blog to see what I'm talking about if this makes no sense to you.)

Result: I have the next couple of scenes firmly planted in my head (down to descriptions of some very creepy stuff) and why this is all happening.

The story is coming together, but I now have three days to finish it. I doubt I'll get it done in time for anyone else to read before I submit - if I get it finished in time to submit.

I've decided not to submit my backup piece if I don't make the deadline. A pre-existing story with small tweaks to try and implant some of the requirements stated by the editor does not my best effort make.

I've also not yet subbed to FableCroft yet--maybe sometime this week...

My day job currently blows big time, which isn't helping with my energy levels to do after hours work of any form, including writing. Normal life sucks when it gets in the way...ah well, it's not like I'm stopping world hunger.


  1. I did zero writing over the weekend. Will have to make up for it this week. Hope you get the story finished in time to sub :)

  2. I didn't get much done this weekend either. I figure if I'm thinking about my WIP, though, I'm doing some work subconsciously. At least, that's what I tell myself.

  3. This weekend was determined to stiff me on the word count but I fought back and managed just over 500. Take that, Sunday.

    I hear you on the work suckage front.

  4. Sometimes we need a few days to think. Hell, sometime we need a few weeks! ; )