Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Update

I've finally started moving again after a harder than normal day's play in the cricket and a pretty good night at the club. Before I sit down and start reading the last of the submissions for Dark Pages Volume One, I thought I'd just throw up a couple of photo's taken by one of our friends of the costumes we wore last night.

We haven't gotten around to downloading anything from our own camera yet - I'll leave that to my better half.

Without further ado:

We went as a couple of high society ghosts. We have a panda eye each as the face make up really stung as it got into our eyes so with a swipe of out hand, we kind of ruined the effect (slightly).

And here is the gruesome couple taking a breather between John Daly (left)
and Robin Hood (right).

As for the game - we lost by 10 runs due to various instances of unsavoury sportsmanship. I'll be requesting an official umpire from the association for the next time we play this team, but the good thing about playing a weekend sport - there's always next week. I should have known the day wouldn't go our way when I arrived at the ground, sans one match ball, and then lost the toss and had to bowl, knowing one of my batsmen would have to leave early, and then two of my players, one of which was the opening bowler, turned up five overs into the game. Things just didn't start out right and never quite got back on track.
Right! Time to get stuck into some reading...


  1. Those are wicked looking costumes, BT!

    The official umpire is a good idea as not everyone plays by the rules...

  2. Spooked me right out.

    Ah, folks who choose not to play by the rules...unfortunately, the world is full of 'em.

  3. Sweet costumes, I like the hat. Sorry about the game. Knock 'em back next year.

  4. Sorry about the game, but wow, that hat is brilliant. Natalie is right, you look darling!

  5. Awesome costumes! I had no idea you all were so cool. :) (Well, okay, I did. But now we have photographic evidence.)

  6. Thanks guys - who said we were cool? I thought I'd zipped up and covered all that!