Monday, December 14, 2009

I've Written Some Words

Proof that my brain isn't totally broken took me by surprise yesterday when an idea for the Pill Hill Press Love Kills anthology took root in the dark recesses of my mind. I took a few minutes to jot down some points and read up on a few things. This ended up providing me with a rough outline.

Today I wrote the first 1233 words. Once more I've tended too much into the realm of dialogue, but that's okay, it seems to be the way I work. Speech first, descriptive narrative second - then lots of polishing...

With a little bit of teasing, I think the first bit will play out at about 1500 words, and then the whole thing takes a big left turn into darkness and shadows - and there's nothing paranormal going on at all! And it's YA - a little on the risqué side of YA, but still YA.

I'm even considering weaving these character's into the world of Nathan Steele and Inner Voice. It has the working title of Pagan's Way.

And here's the opening scene with a group of mid-teens standing around discussing...what boys discuss:

“It’s when you first enter her.” Mark smiled as he took a deep breath, expanding his chest like a wild bird during mating season. “It’s gotta be the same for men and women.”

David shook his head slowly from side to side with his lips pressed together tightly, the smirk obvious. “Can’t be the same, Markus. A woman loses her virginity when a bloke first enters her because he breaks the hymen. A man doesn’t have a hymen so it can’t be the same.”

William licked his lips and scratched the thin film of sweat forming on his forehead. “So when does a man lose it?”

All the boys looked to David. He was the oldest at seventeen and, if they believed what he said, the most experienced when it came to women.


  1. My god, I remember this conversation...

  2. I don't believe I ever had that conversation. I can see it playing out though. Sounds like a good start to an interesting story. That antho should be right up your alley.

  3. Haha! I'll let everyone in on a secret-- that's what girls talk about too...

    Good stuff, BT! Doesn't it feel nice to get back to it?

  4. LOVE KILLS is so tempting! My brain just isn't keen on shorts - it demands novel time ; )

  5. Anton - Jamie: I don't think I had the discussion exactly like this but the general topic came up for a while...way back when...

    Katey: nah, girls are all too nice to be talking about this sort of thing. Oh to be a fly on the wall at a girl's sleep over...

    Nat - fully understand, but I just know you have something about Asian love killing one or more participants in there somewhere...

  6. I think I remember that conversation, too. Or something like it. I believe it was in the produce section of Ray's Grocery...

  7. Aaron - you've just planted very strange images in my head...