Friday, December 4, 2009

A Quick Update Before The Weekend

Another tough weekend of cricket ahead as we take on yet another top team (yes, they managed to leap frog us and the team we beat last game).

This will be tempered with a night of frivolity on Saturday night as the ATCO Cricket Club hosts the annual fancy dress night. If I remember, or if someone else posts some, I'll try to have photos so you can check out the spectacle I make of myself.

And lastly, I've whittle down my unread submissions list to the last 23 stories. Not far to go now. I'm still hoping to knock them all off come Sunday evening but I'll have to see how I pull up after Saturday (and Saturday night). I'm happy to say my work over the last couple of days has not been wasted as almost every story made me stop and think. Unfortunately not all of them have made it onto my current short list...but some of them have :c)

Have a great weekend and remember to keep your fingers crossed for all the ATCO teams over the weekend. Okay, not for the whole weekend. If you could possibly send best wishes or remember us in a thought (or two), it would be much appreciated.


  1. Best with the competition and the fancy dressing. This doesn't involve you wearing a "fancy dress" does it? (if it does, I have to see those pictures)

  2. Best of luck. And ditto what Aaron said. Have fun finishing the readings.

  3. I'm sure we'd all like to see snap shots of you dressed to the nines...being cricket, it's probably a black-tie affair.

  4. I'm sending you fuzzy thoughts as I type ; )