Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Working on it

Hi again. Don't get used to so many posts in one day. I'm playing with my new toy.

To the left, you'll find listings for all the sites I visit often. I find them extremely useful, hopefully others will to.

In my research I've found that a lot of this information is scattered around so part of my blogs mandate will be to bring it together - primarily so I know where it is, but also for so those of you that have found this space to also have easy access.

Also over there, I keep a list of everything I'm currently working on. Pieces that genius' out there in the market have recognised as good enough to publish. Hopefully this list will grow as quickly as the others.

Apart from chronicling my writing exploits, I'll also be doing the occasional review on books, movies or web sites I encounter, courses I enrol in or other writers who have good FREE wisdom to impart.

Hope some of it helps


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