Monday, August 27, 2007

New Anthology Submission

Hi All

Last night I submitted a piece, I've been playing around with for the last month or so, for the Courting Morpheus Anthology concerning New Bedlam. With editorial help from friends, I think it's pretty good, so I sent it. Unfortunately the editors email address kept bouncing. I sent it to her private gmail account instead with an explanation. Fingers crossed she won't count this against me. Hopefully I'll receive confirmation of submission before the 1st of September which is the deadline.

Have been in discussion with writer friends on all sorts of things lately, primarily to do with writing strangely enough. ;)

In my ongoing education it was suggested that I take aim at some of the lower paying markets and some of the less prestigious contests to gain writing credits for my bio. My response was not to take aim but to take a machine gun approach and submit to all levels of markets and competitions. It struck a note of approval. So with all the authority invested in me from my current three accepted pieces, may I suggest that little published, unpublished and anyone else who writes, should simply write a lot and send them out.

I tend to write a piece and create a submission path for it. I go through all the market listings (check the links on the side) and figure out which ones are likely to be interested in the story. I plot them out in order of payment. I send it to the best paying markets first and work my way down as any rejections roll in. Competitions are a little different. I don't really care about prestige or money, I care about any theme and deadlines. Having a competition piece on the back burner is a great way to beat the dreaded writer's block. Oh - and I only enter those that have no entry fee. There are plenty of writing comps about the place that have no fee of any kind attached to them. Aim for them.

The only other thing about comps I keep in mind are the really big ones, like Writers Of The Future (WOTF). It has four reading periods each year with winners in each period. If I'm working on a particular story I think fits the bill, I don't submit it anywhere else. Currently 2108 is my work in progress (WIP) for this major comp. We'll see.

Thanks for reading.

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