Thursday, February 10, 2011

Research and Plotting

I've been knee deep in research and I've made a couple of major changes regarding required characters, and that has led to changes in the plot.

All this is being written down longhand.

No subplots yet, but there wouldn't be, would there? I haven't finalised the characters yet so how would I know what tangents they're likely to go off on...

Now when people tell me 'I'm off in my own little world', they don't know how right they are!

Working title for this project: Avenging Angels (hint: it has nothing to do with angels or religion)


  1. Glad to know you and I have that in common writing out the plot in longhand.

    Hope you have a great day writing.

  2. Keeping notes...sometimes I find hand-written ones stick in my head longer than typed/word processed ones.

  3. I don't usually write anything longhand, but I can't sit at the keyboard for long enough at the moment. Still, it's coming along.

  4. Nothing wrong with being off in your own little world. Happy plotting :)