Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Long Time Between Drinks

I apologise for the silence from this end, but I'm guessing very few people still pop by to see if I've stirred enough to post something new - but if you do, then today is your lucky day (and thank you for being stubborn enough to keep coming back).

I figured it was time I at least updated what I am reading - which I have. Cate's Men in Pinstripe Suits is something else. I truly believe if reality and the universe of Jeremy Shipp got together, Men in Pinstripe Suits may very well be the love child result. It is very different with a decidedly creepy dose of the tangible to make you stop and wonder: WTF!

Paint me extremely impressed, a little jealous, and very very proud to count Cate among my cyber friends (even if I have been somewhat remiss in my communication with you all of late - at least I hope she is still my friend).

To date, I'm still not writing, and I'm still in copious amounts of pain from back and leg issues. I've got an appointment with a specialist early in 2011 so I need to make do until then. Life is what it is.

Enough about me - go buy Cate's book if you haven't already (click on the picture in the post below) and enjoy.


  1. Ah, thanks for the plug. Take care of the back, dude.

  2. It is indeed a truly creepy and most excellent book of tales. Hope the leg and back issues are sorted soon.

  3. Hope the back issues get sorted out. Sending positive vibes your way!

  4. Nothing's worse than a wonky back. My wife has been struggling with back issues for years.

    Take care, BT.

  5. I hope you feel better soon, the writing world misses you ; )

  6. Ah, looky there - my bestest buds all popped in and left a comment. That's real nice, and very much appreciated.

    The back is what it is and, come February, will hopefully be solved or at least on its way to being solved.

    Cate - excellent book.

    Nat - my friends may miss me, but I doubt the writing world even noticed my exit. But Aaron's post, and reading Mr Anderson's false summits article, and Ms Whipple's heartbreaking journey, has confirmed that I'm doing the right thing for me.

    I have not gone for good. I will be back when I'm in the right space, both physically and mentally, but now I know how I want to proceed. Even when I'm back 'on the wagon', I won't be around as much as I was. When I'm back, I'll only be writing, and I'll only be writing very specific stuff...but more on that when I'm back and ready to really roll...

  7. I've been on a really long blog-reading vacation, BT, but even in that, I've missed you. :)

    I hope the all-knowing 'they' can fix you up and get you back at the keyboard sans pain real soon.


    Hope ya'll had a happy Christmas and Happy New Year! ;)