Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strange Men

My signed copy (I love collecting signed copies) of Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits arrived yesterday! (Thanks Cate)

As did a number of other, unsigned, things clamouring to be read. I've taken to reading in the car as I wait for my little one to come out of school. I get there with just enough time to read one standard-length short story/day. I have just about run out of space on my 'waiting-to-be-read-shelf' which now has books piled from top to bottom and front to back - it is utterly ridiculous.

I think all of my subscriptions have now finally run out. Yes, authors who want to be published in small press markets should support them (and read the type of stories they publish), but I've built up a massive backlog, and I'm not currently seeking to be published, so my money goes elsewhere (Tyarna is loving her horse riding lessons).

When I can afford it, I may still purchase the occasional release, such as the above example, but they will have to be fewer and much further between dips into the wallet. Life is what it is. I suppose making offers to personally sign a copy could entice me...


  1. I think drawing dirty pictures is more personal, but I haven't had a book published yet ; )

  2. Thanks again for buying it :D And I like Natalie's idea.

  3. I like Nat's idea as well, but if any of the female authors out there want to go one step further and include a self portrait, drawing of photograph, clothing optional (photo prefered), then I'll definitely consider purchasing anything you're having published!