Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holidays Are Over...Kinda

I'm finally back at work after spending two weeks slumming it around home and trying to spend at least some time with my 10 (soon to be 30) year old daughter. It's been fun.

I got to plot out the main points of 10 chapters and got no further with Inner Voice due to my mind and body drifting to other places.

I've decided that we need to move the kids/family computer into the dining room so we can keep a better eye on what they are actually doing and it will give me back a dedicated writing space that won't have access to the Internet. As soon as I've cleared the mid-year pile of bills, we'll go and buy a new desk to fit against the wall and a new dining table to allow for someone to sit at the computer without bumping into someone trying to eat.

Of course all this makes for great excuses not to write so I've let things slide once more.

I promise, once I have a space, I'll start writing once more.


  1. Har! I'm all for excuses not to write (even though the compulsion still lurks in the background). I'm sure you'll be back at it soon, BT.

  2. Our family computer is in the dining room too, much for the same reason.

  3. My wife and I are the only ones who use the computers. I know that will change soon enough and then my office will need a drastic makeover. good luck.

  4. My parents let me keep my computer in my room. So yeah, move it to the kitchen. Especially since the internet is a lot sluttier these days : P

  5. A computer *without* internet access! What a novel idea. (Pun iintended.)