Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Steps

I've opened Inner Voice.

Yesterday, day four of the school holidays, my daughter and I had our first stay at home and write day. She claimed the study and I ended up at the dining room table with no Internet access - by choice, so I had no excuses.

It currently stands at nearly 33,000 words within 16 chapters (remember this is YA). Yesterday I began noting the major story points within each chapter and marking where major changes needed to take place. I got through 10 chapters before the body rebelled and asked for rest (my back really hates sitting for long periods of time on the dining room chairs).

At some point I need to get back and finish the final six chapters and then move onto storyboarding the whole thing. The big learning point for this exercise was the realisation that I find it very difficult to write, or do anything connected to writing, during the day.

The constant interruptions, the background noises, the complete lack of ambiance and the niggling need to go off and do other 'normal' things made sitting in the chair and working extremely difficult. I am a night writer and will be forever more.

I'm also a writer who works in large blocks of time. I can't see myself fitting writing in during 20 minutes here or an hour there. I need a few hours free where I sit and do nothing but work - not an easy thing to find with a normal life beckoning beyond the study door. I envy those of you who can fit it in where and when you can, and make it a useful exercise.

Still, it's a start. Oh, and I found that the story is pretty good. It needs work but the core is definitely there (as is the spark - which is a very good thing). I even liked the humour I've squeezed in. I can see me working on this until I get it somewhere near right and sending it off on the agent rounds - and then beginning work on book two. At least, that's the plan...

I think I need to reclaim my writing space or make a new one. Mmm...might have to have a chat about this with my better half...the wheels are beginning to turn...


  1. Hurrah! I'm so glad you've started writing again!

    There is a lot to be said for writing at night. It's quiet, there aren't too many people around who want your attention, and there's always that slightly delicious feeling of stealing time to do something strange and wonderful in the dark. Um, that sounds bad. :)

  2. Not bad at all and fits the bill quite nicely - in so many different ways!

  3. Hi fellow Aussie. Yep, finding time/space to write can be a problem. Hope you get sorted and plough on and finish your MS..:)

  4. Sounds like big baby steps to me. Keep going, buddy. I prefer to write at night too, although I usually devote most of my lunch breaks to editing.

  5. I love it when you go back to something expecting it to be bad and you still like it. I seem to write in constant chaos lately, I so wish I could write at night but I'm pooped after getting up at five.

  6. Once those wheels start to turn...look out. Good luck with that chat.

  7. I envy you being able to write at night. Glad you are back at it because I think it will be worth while.

  8. Yay! Glad you found yourself immersed in your book : )

  9. Man, for a minute there I thought you actually stated the story was called 'IT'.