Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Dark Pages News

Dark Pages is now available on Kindle and Smashwords!

Blade Red Press have been busy little bees and have made our little antho available in more locations. See here for the official release details. I've also been notified that Dark Pages has hit the top 100 book list on This list is updated hourly (I think) and we're not there now, but we were, and with your help, we can get back in there and stay for a while. Thank you for getting us into it in the first place.

On the Smashwords page you can also read samples of the stories, so if you've not decided whether to take the plunge or not just yet, go have a look at the quality of the stories that await you.

Happy reading!


  1. Actually, on Smashwords, it's a preview of the first 10% of the book, so just the start of the first story. No other way to do it, sadly.

    However, we will be publishing excerpts from all the stories online periodically soon as little teasers to convince you that it really is worth your hard-earned!


  2. That is awesome. Top 100 is nothing to sneeze at. I need to order this one yet, but I will.

  3. Oooh congrats on the top 100! That's massive, but no doubt deserved, if the preview is any indication.

  4. Ah, well, the first 10% is still very awesome in it's quality and story-telling ability and a very good representation of those that follow.

    Thanks for the congrats, everyone. You really do need to purchase this one. If the publisher doesn't tell me that the cash is rolling in at an unbelievable rate soon, I may never edit another anthology ever again :c(