Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swept Away

My short, and yet again, nautically-themed piece is up on 52 Stitches. There have been a lot of seriously cool stories in this years version of the micro/mini-flash anthology.

Thank you to those who have read it and left nice comments.

And yes, I totally forgot it was out this week until today - I'm getting very slack and wandering way off course from my writing.

Life is what is.

Hope you enjoy the story.

***Breaking News***

Rumour has it, Dark Pages Volume One could be available in the very-not-too-distant-future!

You must all buy it--and an extra copy for your partner, possibly one for your Mum, and another for your local library.

Seriously, if we don't sell heaps, then I don't get anything more than the satisfaction of editing a kick-arse anthology. Warm fuzzy feelings are all very nice, but they won't buy me a new golf bag (yes, I've started playing golf again).

Happy reading!


  1. You've done your work well, Mr. Tomlinson, and this anthology will kick some major, er, "arse".

  2. I have a long buy list but this one is at the top. golf? Really?

  3. Yes, arse, or ass, or butt. However you look at it, someone's posterior is in serious trouble - Nat, don't use that in your next story...

    And yes, golf. It is amazingly relaxing to concentrate on hitting the shit out of a little white ball. Someone once said golf was a good way to ruin a perfectly good walk - maybe, but it's good to get out and about and a lawful way to de-stress. It works for me. And who knows, maybe a dozen women will throw themselves at me because I happen to be walking by with a set of golf clubs (even though I'm not black and earning squillions - or very good at it).