Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving Right Along...

I'm at work and they've blocked access to Youtube and other Internet video access - again :c(

Kermit & Fozzie Bear
Things are picking up a few paces in the world of Dark Pages.

Final tweaks are just about done on the master copy (removing typos, finding missing words, etc), and the gathering of blurbs from wind-swept and interesting people is going well(ish).

In tweaking the master copy, I've once more had an opportunity to read the stories we've chosen and I'm happy to say I'm still blown away by what we have coming up for you. After you've purchased a copy and read it a few times because you can't put it down, I fully expect you all to nominate us (and your favourite story from the collection) for every award under the sun. I'm clearing space on my shelf as we speak...

With the content just about put to bed, the publisher's foreword has been done, the editor's (that's me) foreword has been done, the back cover blurb has been done (and will be released when the publisher says I can), and things are starting to look good for the whole thing to go to the printers within weeks.

Not long now till we have cover art to reveal...

Stay tuned.