Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Have I Been

It's been a weird time around here lately.

For those of you playing along at home, you'll be well aware of my lack of productivity of late so I'll not rehash over sad ground here, but things became a lot more difficult a little over a week ago. My left eye decided now would be a good time to develop a sty - but not just any old ordinary sty, this was a super sty that swelled up nicely and infected the actual eye as well as the the eyelid. The result was not very good vision especially when looking at computer monitors. I ended up not going to work (as I work in IT and looking at monitors tends to be a requirement) and not being able to do much at home. I've slept a fair bit over the last week or so.

I'm only now catching up on emails, Google Reader (170 unread!), and my editing duties for the anthology.

In the end, with cricket finals very much at the forefront of my brain and not being able to write, has allowed me to assess exactly where I'm at with my writing. I've not done a great deal for the past few months and I've always had a readily available excuse for that lack of productivity (anthology, illness, Christmas, work). In the cold light of day, not being able to write hasn't been a painful thing and I can't say I've overly missed it.

I'm going to back away for a time. I'll finish up the anthology, and I'll continue to make the occasional comment on other people's blogs so I'm not disappearing all together. If a story sells or one of the few I'm waiting on reaching publication happens, then I'll post comment here, but there won't be a huge amount of traffic happening on Musings over the immediate future (oh, reviews will still be linked to as and when I get to them). In the background I'll be playing with Inner Voice and, if the inspiration strikes, the occasional new piece, but I'm not holding my breath on that. I'm still intending on taking November off to write the second instalment in the Nathan Steele series so I'm obviously not giving it away completely. No doubt postings will pickup around here as I move into submitting IV to agents and hopefully travelling further down that road to a book deal.

Sorry, Mercedes, I'll have to take a rain check on that challenge. Once cricket season is done I may look at doing you a picture anyway ;c)

And for the one or two of you still interested, the minor round is now done for my cricket team. We finished second which gets us a home semi-final to be played over both days of this coming weekend (I will be a very tired and sore boy come Monday). On a personal note I'd like to thank the 21 (or so) players who have played for me this year. I can only choose 11 guys to take the field come Saturday and some of you who will miss out will be extremely unlucky, but your efforts and your attitude has been exemplary this year, and as captain of the B Grade, I truly appreciate what you've done in helping the team make the finals. For everyone else out there, please keep something crossed this coming weekend or send up a prayer, make an offering, or a sacrifice on our behalf. Thank you in advance ;c)

Well, that's pretty much it from me. I'll post the results of finals over the next week or two and update you on the progress of the antho but things will get somewhat quieter around here for now. For those of you who continue to follow this blog, thank you, for those of you who don't, thank you for the time you stayed. I wish all of you the very best in your writing endeavours.

This is not the end...only a pause in proceedings. I hope to see you on the other side of it.



  1. Hope your eye gets better and enjoy the break. Sometimes I find that if I take a break from writing I usually end up getting inspired about something.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, BT. I've had rotator cuff problems myself, so can relate somewhat to the desire and need for some time away to rest and recharge. I'll raise a glass for you in two weeks during the Australian GP.

  3. Did you wear an eyepatch like a pirate? Because that would be studly.

  4. Here's hoping D.

    Ah, you know me well JT - I was over the moon with Ferrari's One Two and Schumi's sixth. Should be a good season.

    Unfortunately no eye patch Nat, but if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'll remember to include it in my luggage just so I can whip it out at an opportune moment...

  5. A couple of years ago I had a small sty and that was annoying enough. Can't imagine what a nightmare a big one would be. Eyesight is a precious thing, so I hope it resolves soon.

    Sorry to hear you're taking a break, though. I'll miss your blog.

  6. Yeah best wishes for getting well soon, BT! We all need to step back and have some time to reboot, especially when life's been pummeling us mercilessly.

  7. Sometimes I feel like everything (blogging, commenting, networking, editing, and, oh yeah, WRITING) goes at a feverish pitch. Take care and enjoy taking the time to breathe. I wish that I knew something...anything...about cricket so that I could wish you luck as you toss/hit/catch/club/kick the ball/bird/hacky sack, whatever. :)

    Ha, I'd love the picture if you have the time later. Secretly in my heart, I've already won. >:)

    I enjoy you, BT. I'm glad you're being good to yourself.


  8. Thanks for all the kind wishes. Like I said, this is only a pause, I will return.

    God, I was going to say "I'll be back" but didn't want to sound like Arnie. Instead I've gone the MacArthur route...why is it all the normal lines of communication have already been contributed to people and leaves the rest of us just quoting clichés?