Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Close

I've been trying to get the last of the edits done on Dark Pages Volume One. I'm down to the last three stories. One has gone back to the author and two are currently with the copy editor before they go back to the authors. I'm hopeful that one more pass by all concerned and we'll be just about done.

Blade Red press and I have moved onto cover design and the first mock up looks seriously cool. Stay tuned for more on that in the near future.

We've also put out the word to some exceptionally well known individuals (ie famous people) to have a read of the ARC and provide comments for the back cover. Everyone has been extremely kind with their time and I have my fingers crossed that the comments will be just as generous.

So we are moving along. I'm over my sty, the cricket season has finished (we lost the semi final), and I've got time and energy to devote to finishing this project off.

Watch this space for a launch date...............


  1. Sorry about the semi-final loss.

    Looking forward to reading this antho when it comes out.

  2. I'm itching for the cover art, and I feel your loss. Our beloved (at least in Lawrence) Jayhawks lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA basketball tourney. Ouch.

  3. Glad your eye is feeling better, and sorry about the cricket. But my mouth is watering for some tasty cover art.

  4. I read "lunch date" instead of "launch date." Now I'm all hungry.

  5. As soon as the publisher says so, I'll release the cover art but I'm guessing it'll be on the Blade Red site first.

    Nat - being hungry means you must be getting better.

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