Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slightly Less Than A Month

Yep, my capacity for thinking up new and exciting blog post titles sucks the big one at the moment...

Procedure one has come and gone and apart from one slight setback which caused concerns, things have been somewhat on the up. The good news is the numbness in my lower extremities has 99% gone. More good news is the pain on the right side of my lower back has been significantly diminished.

Bad news, now the right side is better, it is no longer masking the pain from the left. The pain from the right is not totally gone. I'm sitting in a chair longer but 40 minutes is probably about it, and even then I struggle to get up. I'm still not writing, or even considering writing, at the moment.

Moving forward - procedure number two, additional horse needles in the back to remove the pain factor, will be taking place July 5th. This will again be under general knockout juice.

Thank you to those still popping by, and thank you to anyone leaving comments of best wishes, they are appreciated.

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  1. My mum's been going through a similar thing lately, and so I know--at least from a family perspective--how it can be. Sending get well vibes, big time.