Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Very Sad Day

As you are all aware, I've not been keeping up with things on Net lately so it was with shock and a very heavy heart I found out that Jamie Eyberg and his wife Anne passed away in a tragic accident a few days ago.

You can read the story here:,0,5278715.story. Additional information seems to be around that some form of gas was the culprit for causing this horrible loss of two wonderful people. The type of gas has yet to be determined.

My heart goes out to those who knew them and especially to their two children.

Jamie was one of the best cyber-writer friends I've had the great fortune of knowing. His work was inspirational and his comments insightful. Through him I have become a better writer and a better person. You can read his work here. Wine for Two in issue 3 of Ruthless Peoples Magazine was my favourite.

A wonderful biography of their life has been published here for Jamie and here for Ann.

May they rest in peace.

Aaron Polson has decided to donate proceeds from the sale of this years 52 Stitches to the memorial fund for Kennedy and Brendan, Jamie and Ann's children. Read about his wonderful gesture here. Additional memorials can be made to the Kennedy and Brendan Eyberg account at the Iowa Savings Bank in Coon Rapids. When I find out more details, I'll post them here (I've emailed the bank for details on how we can make donations from outside the US).


  1. Wow, that's terrible news. This is such a sad event - my heart goes out to those kids.

  2. Very sad news indeed, BT.

    We will all miss his presence for sure.

    That was a very nice tribute to Jamie.

  3. Genuinely tragic. We'll miss him, and think of his family.

  4. "Wine for Two" was a nice piece and a fine way to remember Jamie's work (and through it, the man himself). Thanks for the link.

  5. I just found out too--I've been without internet access since yesterday morning--and I feel like I came back to the wrong internet. I want the one with Jamie still around! He was a wonderful writer and a great guy, and his loss is shocking.

  6. It's very sad news, I just found out as well. He was a great guy and my heart goes out to his little kids.

  7. BT - when you get the info, can you send it over to me? Belfire is collecting amongst ourselves, and I couldn't find anything...

    RIP Jamie. :(